UNTV PollWatcher Ako Blog Launched

Launched today, UNTV blog is geared to providing you with the latest and the hottest elections-related coverage by local and international press starting May 9 to the declaration of the new officials.

With support from our vast network of citizen journalists, researchers and Pollwatchers, we hope to provide you this public service to document events, situations and happenings related to the Filipinos’ call to choose his new leaders for better governance.

Pollwatch 2010 Coverage pre-election day

Pollwatch 2010 with Kuya Daniel Razon in the panel.

Alongside this endeavor, UNTV Pollwatch 2010 initiated a parallel public service works to pool Pollwatchers in their respective areas.

To reach the Secretariat, please contact our Textline: (63) 906-319.6484.  Email us at pollwatch_untv@yahoo.com.  Visit us at our Twitter account: @pollwatch, and PollWatch 2010 blog:  pollwatch.wordpress.com.


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