Long queue amid glitches, hot weather mark first automated Philippine Polls

Apalit, Pampanga – Enthusiastic voters at the Sampaloc Elementary School in Apalit, Pampanga started lining up as early as 3 a.m. only to be dismayed of the long queue and slow processing of votes.

Some voters who came at 6 to 7  a.m. were only able to finish within a range of five  to six hours.

Long queue of voters at first automated polls in the Philippines

While many were seen exhausted but patiently waited for their turn to cast their votes – enduring  all the inconveniences and the very high temperature –  some went home early without waiting for their turn to cast vote.

At Precinct No. 49 alone, 646 voters were listed registered while in Precinct No. 50, there are 878t.  With these numbers, the average number of registered voters for these Precincts, were 770, more or less.

The COMELEC estimated time for each voter to be able to completely finish one (1) vote is eight (8) minutes.

Long queue of voters amid very hot weather mark the Philippines' foray into automated polls.

However, based on an actual observation from 7:30 AM to 1:47PM, only 336 voters out of 646 in the list were able to cast their votes.  Each voter consumed an average of 10 minutes at its fastest to complete the whole process of voting.

With these figures, out of the average of 770 registered voters in each precinct 43.63% only have cast their votes as of 1:47PM or within 6 hours and 47 minutes.

The voting period was said to have been extended until 7:00 PM but with barely five hours left for the almost 56% of voters who have not cast their votes:  How much more in those areas where peaceful election is unlikely?

Another valid observation culled from the new automated election system is the trust and confidence that votes are actually counted.  PCOS Machine do not show confirmation that votes cast were indeed registered or correctly read by the said machine. [Citizen Report by Rose Cemanes]



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2 responses to “Long queue amid glitches, hot weather mark first automated Philippine Polls

  1. angelaborromeo

    I felt the heat Rose. We were in line by 6:55 am and we were able to complete the voting process by 1:05 pm. Some were heating up and they say that it is better to go back to the primitive process than embrace all these technology that causes long queues.

    There were 2 ballots rejected in the precint where I casted my vote, people were really dismayed by the complexity of the first automated voting system in the Philippines.

  2. rqcemanes

    Oh, you’re much earlier than me. We arrived at 7:30 AM and was able to finish the whole process at around 1:47 PM.

    I really could not believe it I was able to endure lining up under the heat of the sun for almost 6 hours if not for my faith that I am doing the thing because of our God and our Country.

    Good, the PCOS machine assigned to us did not cause too much inconveniences. Thanks, I’ve done my part with God’s help.

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