Photos of election in Los Baños, Laguna

Mayondon Elementary School

Early morning queue
Early morning queue
Around 7 o’clock in the morning, Mayondon Elementary School in Los Baños is already filled with long queues of voters waiting for their turn to enter their designated voting areas.

More voters arriving
More voters arriving
Voters from areas near the said school continue to swarm the place within an hour after officially opening the precints.

Lopez Elementary School

A thirsty voter
Thirsty voter
As the sun rises to midday, a voter grabs a cup of water to drink her thirst out.

Disorganized queue
Disorganized queue
At this moment, some voters are starting to complain and get irritated with the slow-moving and disorganized queue. As you can see in the photo, it’s hard to find where the starting and the ending points of the queues go.

Umbrellas out
Umbrellas out
As the heat of the sun intensifies, some voters took out their umbrellas and shielded themselves against the scorching light.


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  1. Asan dito yong vote buying scenes sa may shade ng Barangay Timugan malapit sa Girl Scout HQ?

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