Alleged Vote-Buying and Flying Voters in Los Baños, Laguna

Later in the day of elections, members of a volunteer group pinpointed to us a group of people a couple of blocks away from Los Baños Central Elementary School, saying that those people were participating in vote-buying activities.

Lady in red
Lady in red
It was noticeable that the lady wearing a red blouse was actively moving and talking to the people around the area, carrying some plastic bags with her and handing them over to other people.

People swarming
People swarming
After a while, people were swarming towards the lady in red. It seems like they were discussing something. Some of them were looking at us and pointing their fingers towards us.

Riding a jeepney
Riding a jeepney
Later on, it seems they’ve decided to leave the area and after gathering themselves, took a jeepney.
Riding a jeepney, looking at us

Flying voters

Around 4PM of Sunday (May 9, 2010), day before the elections, more than 27 buses and some more jeepneys were seen heading towards Trace college which was declared by Los Baños Mayoral candidate Ton Genuino as his residence in his Certificate of Candidacy. Based on the witnesses, they were told that the passengers of the fleet of buses were poll watchers to be trained using Trace college as a venue for Ton’s brother–Erwin Genuino, a Mayoral candidate in Makati City.

Here are some clips of the said convoy.



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8 responses to “Alleged Vote-Buying and Flying Voters in Los Baños, Laguna

  1. deloom

    kay ton nga yan ???/

    breakthrough !!!

  2. marichu

    its not new in our election day its always happening everytime….

  3. A picture paints a thousand words.

  4. grace

    Bakit kinailangan pang pumunta sa Los Baños ng mga taga-Makati para lang ma-train ang poll watchers? that is such a lame excuse. Maraming pwedeng venues sa Makati, diba? gumastos pa sila. if what they say is true, then it only shows how they handle precious resources na pwedeng gamitin sa mas mabuti at mas kapaki-pakinabang na paraan. they’re running for a public position yet they don’t seem to know any better.

    • eldonbite

      At sa bisperas pa ng eleksyon. And come on, kelangan mo ba ng ganyan kadaming pollwatchers? 27+ buses and jeepneys?

      UPDATE: According to posts of residents in Los Baños in some FB pages, days after the election, a lot of people are heading to Trace and old Agrix building allegedly claiming their payments for their “service”.

  5. elbi girl

    nung kinagabihan after ng elections may naririnig na akong nagpapaputok… anu yun nagcelebrate agad?

  6. ichan

    this is just stupid. i mean i grew up in lb and that dude, ton? freakin hate him so much coz he aint even from lb and he had the guts to run for mayor in that place. but seriuosly, youre posting about vote buying in los baños? its like contradicting yourself, i mean you are contradicting yourself. LB people, whoever vote for him were so messed up. i love LB so much man, but i just dont know how people actually sold their votes like that. i hate them so much. real talk.

    • eldonbite

      Yeah, I grew up in LB as well, and the fact that someone whom I never heard of throughout my residence in LB ran for mayor and won really left a bad taste.

      Err, pardon but I didn’t quite get that part when you said that I’m contradicting myself. As far as I know, this blog was started as an online watchdog for electoral issues such as vote-buying. It just so happened that my beloved hometown reportedly experienced lots of vote-buying schemes and other cheating mechanisms throughout the election period. Please elaborate your statement.

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