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A Precinct that was in Burgos Elementary School

Voters in this part of the metro are as hot as the sun.  At Burgos Elementary School in Pasay City, as the heat rises up to 39 degrees, residents troop to their designated precinct to exercise their right.

A cluttered street. Along Burgos St. in Pasay City a number of sample ballots, flyers and other election paraphernalia scattered across the heated pavement as voters passes by.

Outside the precinct. A number of successful voters gallivant outside the precinct and talks about what could be the turnout of election, the PCOS machine, who’s the new mayor and everything in between.

Room II-Masunurin. In this room, a man obediently checks his name to get his precinct number – for the 3rd time.

Innocence. This child innocently sits on a dirty hallway unmindful of the pressure around him or the future that lies ahead after the election day.

Holding area. Excited to experience the first automated system, they fill up the room with noise that makes the environment even hotter than the scorching heat outside.

Ground floor. In spite humid weather, dirt and unpleasant smell inside the busy school, voters line up diligently from ground to second floor.

Focus. The moment they have been waiting for. “We need change, seriously.”

[Citizen Report by Anne Gonzales]


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Alleged Vote-Buying and Flying Voters in Los Baños, Laguna

Later in the day of elections, members of a volunteer group pinpointed to us a group of people a couple of blocks away from Los Baños Central Elementary School, saying that those people were participating in vote-buying activities.

Lady in red
Lady in red
It was noticeable that the lady wearing a red blouse was actively moving and talking to the people around the area, carrying some plastic bags with her and handing them over to other people.

People swarming
People swarming
After a while, people were swarming towards the lady in red. It seems like they were discussing something. Some of them were looking at us and pointing their fingers towards us.

Riding a jeepney
Riding a jeepney
Later on, it seems they’ve decided to leave the area and after gathering themselves, took a jeepney.
Riding a jeepney, looking at us

Flying voters

Around 4PM of Sunday (May 9, 2010), day before the elections, more than 27 buses and some more jeepneys were seen heading towards Trace college which was declared by Los Baños Mayoral candidate Ton Genuino as his residence in his Certificate of Candidacy. Based on the witnesses, they were told that the passengers of the fleet of buses were poll watchers to be trained using Trace college as a venue for Ton’s brother–Erwin Genuino, a Mayoral candidate in Makati City.

Here are some clips of the said convoy.


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Election Photos Taken at Las Piñas City

May 10, 2010 – Election Day

At the Entrance of our precinct PCCRV people are very attentive to the voters will they are not pressured as other precinct suffered.


Even people with disabilities wants to vote even they are under the heat of the sun


Most of the voters doesn’t know how to use the Ballot Secrecy folder..
secrecy folder

Good thing PCOS machine in our precinct is working fine. locked and sealed.

And its Working too… im happy that my vote was counted.


A voter who already done from voting and ready to submit his ballot to the PCOS.

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Photos of election in Los Baños, Laguna

Mayondon Elementary School

Early morning queue
Early morning queue
Around 7 o’clock in the morning, Mayondon Elementary School in Los Baños is already filled with long queues of voters waiting for their turn to enter their designated voting areas.

More voters arriving
More voters arriving
Voters from areas near the said school continue to swarm the place within an hour after officially opening the precints.

Lopez Elementary School

A thirsty voter
Thirsty voter
As the sun rises to midday, a voter grabs a cup of water to drink her thirst out.

Disorganized queue
Disorganized queue
At this moment, some voters are starting to complain and get irritated with the slow-moving and disorganized queue. As you can see in the photo, it’s hard to find where the starting and the ending points of the queues go.

Umbrellas out
Umbrellas out
As the heat of the sun intensifies, some voters took out their umbrellas and shielded themselves against the scorching light.

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